Hosting an Emerge Event

Emerge Movement is a totally unique experience. Each class is based fully in the present moment. All the choreography is created in the moment based on the intersection of the energy of the group and the flow of the music, allowing the movements to emerge. Music playlists are fresh creations for each class that help students access movement variety through a playful and joyous approach. Emerge Movement is perfect for ladies gatherings, milestone events, conferences, and organization/company team building events. Emerge Movement events create group bonding, allowing your group to help craft the music experience and themes ranging from celebration, honoring a milestone, developing group trust, etc. To host an event at Studio Sol or your site, contact Erika directly.

To host an event at Studio Sol:
1. Request a date and time.
2. Payment of $100 is required to secure your class. A detailed payment amount will be dependent on the size of the group.
3. Studio Sol maximum participants is 12 people.